Analysis and Design Alreehan Tower

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Mottamed Hijjawi
Ali Ibrahem Hamidi
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Al-reehan towers it is two building with the same foundation , we redesign just one of these   about the project:  Alreehan tower, a residential building located in Ramallah city at Al Reyhaan region consists of twelve floors, have approximately the same area.   Philosophy of analysis & design: The building is considered as reinforced concrete structure with walls all around. In this project, the structure will be analyzed and designed using three dimensional modal. This will be achieved using the analysis and design software SAP2000 version 14. Ultimate design method is used to analyze and design of one way ribbed slabs, the slabs are carried over drop beams as architectural design required, columns used have a rectangular cross section carrying an axial load coming from reaction from beams above, and finally single footings are required in the design to support the column.