Re-design for the “United Motor and Trading Company” building

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Ghanem, Thabet
Najjar, Ameer
Khader, Manal
Barham, Qamar
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The building of “United Motor Trade” company which is located in Nablus city – Beit E’iba Street was evaluated in graduation project one; this branch is currently exist and specialized for trading cars. The main purpose of this project is to make a new integrated design of the building take into account all the architectural, structural, environmental, mechanical and electrical aspect. In the architectural design, it has focused on s the building functions, the orientation and the form of the structure depending on the environmental requirements. For the structural design, it was focused to achieve all the architectural aims with high quality work and modern ideas considered all the seismic recommendation. In mechanical and environmental design, HVAC, water, and sanitary systems in the project were designed. The electrical design includes design of the power and lightening systems in the project. In addition, designing the emergency exits, alarm system and fire protection system were included in the public safety design.