Measuring the Level of Awareness about Renewable Energy for Fourth Graders in Palestine

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Albada, Abeer
Abu Mwais, Fuad
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This project studies the behavior of school children in Palestine towards renewable energy, and their knowledge of renewable energy sources and the difference between different school types and teaching systems on that. A questionnaire of 26 questions was designed after studying the curriculums being taught to those children, and it was given out to 300 children (150 boys and 150 girls) in 3 different types of schools (Private, Public and UNRWA) schools. The objective is to raise the awareness of those children towards the importance of renewable energy, and to check if the curriculums being taught to them satisfy this side. The results, which were obtained using the SPSS program, show a difference in the level of knowledge between children in different schools, and between children with different performances.