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Souqi, Mahde
Dweikat, Haroon
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With the rise of technology which people use daily, we can say that it plays a major role in helping people to achieve their goals in easy way , for example : smartphones, smart watches and of course, smart TVs, but one of the most important things that should be a smart thing is the place that each person spends most of the time in , which is “The House” . Smart House, means home system that connects with your appliances to automate specific tasks and is typically remotely controlled by a smartphone application or web application. Internet Of Things (IoT) also is a related field to smart houses where everything is monitored and controlled via the internet using software like mobile or web applications. Home Management Services (HMS) is a project that mimics how the smart house will look and how the people who own the house can control and monitor their house. This house has multiple subsystems that work collaboratively to provide the best possible experience for its owner. These subsystems are light system, air conditioning system, motion and heat system to help in the saving of energy , fire, rain , and a control system to manage doors, windows, garage, and a security system that can be activated/deactivated on demand. All these monitoring and control abilities are handled through a hardware kit and a software mobile application will be built using the cross-platform Flutter UI framework to work in both android and IOS, and connected to firebase real-time database instances.