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Othman, Raneen
Zabin, Shaima’a
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The aim of this project is to develop a mobile app that has a charitable nature to facilitate the work of charitable societies and to help needy people get the help they need. Our app connects students with benefactors who want to give donation on one hand. In the other hand, it connects orphanages officials with donors and sellers . This app is useful because it connects all donation parts together .the orphanages official can access the online store and choose what they need for the orphans ,so the donor can see the order so he can buy it for them. The donor can also access the store and choose things(clothes, food, toys, equipment)then pay for them online using his paypal ,so the seller will send it for the chosen orphanage. He also can donate by money online. Finally The donor can communicate with orphanage official to book a day to visit .the last thing is that the app provided a map for the donor so he can know the location for every orphanage on Palestine. On the other hand, the student can register on the app ,his information go directly to the admin who must have an access to all students information in all universities .he chick if the information are real or not, based on that he accept the student on the app or not . The donor can donate to student facility , when he do, the money go to the admin account , so he can transfer money to the student he want based on his information. The development process will start by building pages for the five parts we mentioned( donor, student, orphanage official, seller, admin) using Flutter which is a cross platform UI development kit. In Palestine, currently there is no available platform that let benefactors search what people need and let them donate by the most suitable either corporeal or monetary item . although globally there many of donation apps but what is superior in our platform that we help benefactors donate for specific people automatically .