E-commerce web sites development for Lana pharmacy’s

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Assi, Lamees
Abu Aisheh, Waad
Odeh, Elham
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Creating a website for Al-Dumaidi pharmacy for Dr. Lana Al-Dumaidi, the pharmacy was established in 2018 in New Nablus, except that it sells medicines and also provides medical and cosmetic products and owns an agency for the long 4 lashes brand. Also, Lana is a pharmacist and specializes in non-surgical facial plastic surgery (specialising in non-surgical topical skin treatments). After communicating with the owner of the pharmacy, Lana Al-Dumaidi, it was found that they had a problem and difficulty in presenting products to customers and in taking reservations for skin treatment for customers, as it requires effort and longer time, so we decided to create a website for the pharmacy specializesd in selling medical cosmetic products and a reservation system on the site to facilitate the reservation process On the customer and on the employee. Using the WordPress site and some plugins that support our needs on the site, we created the website and designed the user interfaces and the admin interface, the purchase process supports electronic payment using PayPal, credit card and cash on delivery, currently the application works in Palestine and the occupied territories and has been customized Delivery rates for each region. - The admin interface includes the following: ★ It gives the authority to access all products, modify them, delete or hide them from the page, and add a new product. ★ Add an advertisement on the site to announce offers or a new product and others. ★ Daily, weekly and monthly reports of all operations that occur on the site. ★ Access to and control of customer information. ★ Access and control the requests page. ★ Accessing reservations, accepting or rejecting them, and adding a new reservation manually. ★ View booking reports, add new services and modify existing services. ★ View comments and respond to them. ★ Receive and respond to messages.