4G LTE on TV Band

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Mahmoud, Eman
Thawabi, Abeer
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The telecommunication world is growing up rapidly, and the need for reliable and high speed technologies has become an important issue. In order to satisfy the expectations of the users to have more advanced wireless access techniques even in the wireless environment, 4G LTE technology emerged to fulfill the users’ needs. Unfortunately, the telecommunication advances in Palestine cannot be deployed easily as they are prohibited due to political issues and license problems. But nevertheless, in order to keep up with the modern telecommunication technologies we adopted this project in which we are going to exploit the unused TV band to deploy 4G LTE technology. This project will take into consideration the implementation of 4G technology within the TV band, where we will first study the actual usage of TV band in Palestine and see where we can fit the 4G technology within it, then we will do dimensioning with its two phases of capacity and coverage planning. In our project we started the capacity planning and we managed to analysis the big data of TV band spectrum usage and decided over which band exactly we can implement both the uplink and downlink of the 4G mobile technology, we did dimensioning and managed to make our own Graphical User Interface by using MATLAB to calculate number of three sector sites and data rate in LTE network.