Flow Code

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Khdier, Bara’
Hamayel, Saleh
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The educational system in Palestine suffers from many problems. For example, high-level school’s students are not studying high-level programming languages such as C/C++, Python, and Java, and they just learn how to use a simple flow chart to solve different problems. In this project, a teaching tool called Flow Code will be developed. The tool aims to enhance the knowledge of high-level school’s students, who have low programming skills by teaching students the basics concepts in programming languages syntax such as Python. Flow Code will cover the basics in python such as: define variables, Input/output, if statements, loops, operations on numbers and strings, and functions in levels, and make different problems in each level. The student could use Flow Code to draw a flow chart which solves the problem and the tool will convert it to Python code as a clear syntax, animated and step by step run of the code that will be executed by an online compiler. The development of the project will focus on drawing flow charts and editing them, editing existing problems and adding new ones by admin, then work on converting the flow chart to code. Finally, Flow Code may be available as a plugin on Moodle.