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Ghazawi, Mohammad
Ardah, Khalid
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With the breakout of smartphones we were introduced to new problems, and some of these problems are related to the ease of usage, when it comes to smartphones, many programs have been released to allow the user to transfer files from and to the smartphones without the need to connect cables, but most of these programs only stop there, we still don’t have true control over our smartphones through our computers, so we still need something which allows us greater control and without the need to connecting our devices with cables, this need is larger for office workers and clearer in home systems with smartphones and computers around. What we did is that we decided to build a system consisting of two main sides, the first side is an application which can be downloaded on smartphones which run the Android OS, the application starts a service which runs in the background, as for the other side we have a java application which connects to the android service through the Wi-Fi, after the confirmation it collects data from the smartphone and displays it in a user-friendly GUI, the application allows you to control messages, calls, contacts and files in the smartphone, it also allows you to transfer files back and forth between the smartphone and the computer, it allows you the possibility of editing the contents of the smartphone. Instead of beating around the bush, the MoPC system tackles the connectivity problem head on, it provides the users with the ability of controlling their smartphones over the Wi-Fi, by introducing features unavailable in other many systems, the MoPC system can solve many problems concerned with the computer-smartphone connectivity, it also introduces more flexibility since you practically don’t even have to have your phone on your desk nor around you to control it.