Automate Fire Man

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Awwad, Enas
Mansour, Ahmad
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Fire accidents threat the health and safety of many people at home, work or even at schools during the study. And according to the world health organization (WHO), there is almost 195 thousand people die per year, also this organization ensure that burns which don’t because death is considered mainly reason of bad quality of life, like stay in hospital or deformity and disability. With the development of technology and the era of inventions and Robert, it is possible to find a way to prevent fire accidents or fight it. The aim of our project is to design Robot that detects fire location and fights it as soon as possible, so as we can save people and reduce the maximum amount of losses in terms of money, buildings and other potential destroyed things. Our Robot will automatically identify sources of ignition through heat sensors, gas sensor and smoke detectors in the buildings and put out the fire by pumping appropriate material. The Robot will also launch a sound to alert people to get out of the building and find a way out, also send the site of the fire to the fire station. In the first phase, we need to identify the sources of ignition through the various sensors and special cameras. Then in the second stage, it pumps material through special pumps. And in the final stage, we will design and implement the robot, using a micro-controller system with the required firmware.