Automatic Blood Determination Using Image Processing Techniques

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Hasan, Sajeda
AL-Athmah, Deema
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In emergency situations, we don't have a lot of time to detect the blood type before transfusion it to another body using the technical methods which done manually at the laboratory ,which could threaten the lives of many patients, since it will have a lot of error due to the human and mechanical error's .Our projects is to develop a new method that can be effective and also at the same time reduce the time for detecting the blood type , this can be done by using image process technique for determining the blood type system. The image processing techniques such as thresholding and morphological operations are used by a MATLAB code can achieve these steps. The images of the slide test are obtained from the pathological laboratory are processed and the occurrence of agglutination are evaluated. Thus the developed automated method determines the blood type using image processing techniques. The developed method is useful in emergency situation to determine the blood group without human error.Our project also created a database that containing the information for each patient, which including their own blood type , in this way we save more time for any blood transfusion .