Structural Design of Al- Emara Building

dc.contributor.advisorWael Abu asab
dc.contributor.authorOday Ghassan Hamdan
dc.contributor.authorMutaz Ziad Banna
dc.contributor.authorHala Abdullah Abu Ghdaib
dc.contributor.authorAmro Hafiz Shaheen
dc.description.abstractOur structural building (Al-Emara) represents a multifunctional system which lies on Rafedia Village.    Design of this building will promote our skills in Static and Dynamic design. Also, to be capable of using multi-structural systems. It will be designed to resist gravity loads as well as earthquakes.   To reflect the reality structure we need a suitable structural model. This is accomplished by performing a 3D analysis for the building under static and dynamic loads. The analysis is verified using conceptual hand calculations for 1D models. Detailed design using manual and software program "SAP2000" will also be presented.   Comparison between our conceptual analysis/design and the results from SAP will be highlighted. We will originate a better sense when designing the building for static loads and then for dynamic loads and make compression between them.en
dc.titleStructural Design of Al- Emara Buildingen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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