Energy Efficient Hotel Design

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Hlayel, Aseel
Istaitia, Hiba
Ghoul, Roula
Awwad, Moutasem
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The project talks about designing an energy efficient hotel, it is designed as a 5 stars hotel with row houses around. The hotel was designed in many aspects: architectural, environmental, structural, mechanical and electrical using different programs such as AUTOCAD, REVIT,ETABS and ECOTECT, finally quantity survey and total cost for the project. For the environmental design -such as shading and lighting-, site analysis was conducted. The location of hotel is in Nablus city on mount of Gerzim with an approximate area of 7770 m2. The total area of the hotel is 15254.7049m² and it consists of 7 floors. The basement floor with an area of 2212.1797 m² included of gym, spa and kitchen, the ground floor with an area of 2540.4668 m² that contains of wedding hall and restaurant, the first floor of area 2416.0824 m² that includes conference hall, meeting room, administration and the second floor of the restaurant, the rest four floors of area 2021.4937 m² used for bed rooms of king and single bed rooms.