Finite element analysis for contact stress, press and shrink fit

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Mohammed Samaneh
Jadallah Alan
Osama Othman
Abdalmalek Mashaqi
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stress is wildly use in the real life. such as railway, bearing, rolling is manufacturing proses however, the press and shrink fit used in the shafts located in the bearings. The aim of the project is to investigate the stresses for both contact stress, press and shrink fit. In contact stress, the pressure and stresses in the X, Y, and Z direction were calculated analytically for sphere -sphere contact and cylinder-cylinder contact. In addition, the pressure and stresses observed between shaft-bearing will be calculated to prevent crack contact in the material interface surfaces Moreover, the ABAQUS / CAE2019 finite element analysis was used to verify the contact stress of both Sphere and verify the contact stress of both cylinder contact and to compare the result obtained with the analytical result. In addition, the contact between shaft-bearing would also use ABAQUS / CAE2019 and the results of the finite element were compared with the analytical results. Finally, after obtaining the results of the finite element from the ABAQUS / CAE2019 program, and after performing the necessary calculations to obtain the analytical results, it was found that the analytical results and results of the finite element have good agreement to each other, as the error value is very low.