Water Resources Management for the Western Pressure Zone in Nablus city

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Asem Basheer
Bara Shalhoub
Qusai Abu-Aisheh
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Water is the most essential element to life on Earth, and that makes it a necessity to manage water resources and to provide a reliable, effective and adequate system to transfer water from its resources to be used by people for their daily practices, especially in our country due to the limited water resources. This project was proposed to achieve the above mentioned necessity for the western area of Nablus city, the selection of this area came from its huge urban expansion and the presence of the most important facilities of the city within this area, which means much more liabilities on Nablus Municipality to ensure a sustainable supply of water for this area in the present and future. However to be more detailed, this project focused only on two zones in the western area of Nablus city, these zones were bordered by Nablus Municipality, called W2a and W3, the project will include the design of new water distribution network for the two zones, as well as looking for new water resources that will help to cover the water deficit predicted in the future.
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