Analysis and Design of Optical and Nursing College

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Abed Al-Rahman Kaik
Ahmad Shaikh-Ibrahim
Sameh Haydareah
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This project consists mainly of two parts: analysis and design of optical and nursing college at An-Najah National University in Nablus governorate, and general seismic analysis which might be the first step in making Palestinian seismic code. Optical and Nursing Collage is supposed to be analyzed and designed for seismic loads This collage is constructed to serve the students from every city in Palestine. Analysis and design for this project will be according to ACI 318-14, IBC2012, and UBC97. At the beginning, introduction about the building including details about the architectural design, then materials and loads that will be subjected to the building will be computed. Tow types of checks will be done: analysis checks and design check including the seismic chicks. The methodology of making checks at results will be a comparison between 1D and 3D model under the same assumptions. Seismic analysis will be done such that the base shear and Seismic response coefficient (CS) will be computed using: UBC equivalent lateral force, IBC equivalent lateral force, modal response spectrum, time history, and performance methods. Then a compareson between that results will be done. The effect of symmetry and unti-symmetry, pin and fixed constraints will be determined and the seismic analysis will be repeated to a simple frame system in order to verify the results. Finally, a seismic design for selected structural elements will done. This project is supposed to be important because it deals with a real, large and existing facility, which is expected to receive a lot of people every day