Hwara Hospital

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Rana Ahmad Saeed
Maysaa Abd-Alrahem Shhadi
Mohaya Ahmed Abu AlWafa
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 This project talks about redesigning of Hewara hospital  which needs a lot of care , the focus is taken in Hewara  itself because of the lack of hospitals in this region  ,and also hospital which based on souls of people , needs more attention and accuracy  than  other sectors. because it is sensitive and dangerous sector . All sides of Hewara hospital are redesigned in order to make required progress and reach to integrated improvement which related to people who are in need for these improvements. Planning and adjustment are occurred during studying to all department and sections which related to the hospital to obtain successful outcomes and maintain the quality on the hospital, indeed there is many hospitals in Palestine which spread in everywhere, but it need more improvements and a good design , so the focus must be done on the quality of the hospital which require for welfare of people.