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Jamal, Iyad
Al-Hudhud, Mohammed-Ali
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Nablus city is one of the oldest cities in the world that had a lot of different civilizations in the past. Those civilizations left many archaeological places in the old city and in other locations in Nablus. There are a lot of archaeological places in Nablus that tourists can’t know their location easily specially in the old city and even most people in Nablus don’t know them. Because of that the need of an application that provides information about the archaeological places is increased for people who would like to know. We have built a platform for creating e-tour system into application, with no programming knowledge. As an example, we have create an e-tour app of of Nablus. Our application will facilitate getting this information about any archaeological place in the city. The application will provide a new experience for people to explore these places on map online (on the browser) or offline on smartphones either using traditional map or digital map with augmented reality signs that will give the user a new angle as if he is in game which make it more fun to use the application. This application targets tourist and people who are interested in the archaeological places in Nablus. And designed it to be a crossplatform application for phones running android and ios in addition with web application for PC. When user open the application for the first time it will ask him to get data from the internet then the user will have all of these data offline so he can go and start his journey to discover archaeological places. Even in the absence of the internet.