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عموري, سارة
مخلوف, أسيل
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Due to the technological development and the development of life in the current era and the greater dependence on the Internet, we created this website to make it easier for many and save time and effort for them to reach schools to obtain instructions and complete transactions through the website With the possibility of adding many developments to the project and creativity also in the field of digital marketing We have created a site for driving schools so that if a person wants to obtain a driving license, he can enter the site through which he can obtain sufficient information such as: . -Information about the date of the theory exam, the subject to be studied, complete with directions and references, and the result of the exam The person enters the city in which he wants to obtain the license, so the site lists all the schools available in this city -After the person chooses the school, 'through the website, he can choose the coach he wants available in this school