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Suhayb, Yahya
Ihab, Kahrrosheh
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Our project is a photo sharing website that allows photographers, artists, designers and professionals to share their photos in a secure way so as to keep their photos and copyrights protected .They can upload their photos and share them with friends and followers without the ability of illegal download or modification of the photos. This website will help them to showcase their work in a classy and well-organized way so as to gain popularity and fame which leads eventually to economic gains. The aspects of this project are summarized as follows: Photo gallery and social aspect: photo gallery is the main screen of the website/application. The user creates his own profile with all of his photos. He can follow other users and see their photos. Also he can see the most tending photos in the site with their different categories. Social aspect: users can interact socially with each other’s by voting and commenting on photos as well as following each other’s work so that it is used for social networking. Commercial aspect: This is a main feature of our application where the users aim to upload there photos in order to sell them via a secured system where the photographer and the buyer are connected. The photographer can have various available resolutions of photos with various prices. In order for this feature to be implemented, our application should guarantee a high level of photo protection and secure connections. The profits of our application comes from a certain commission on each transaction.