Carbon dioxide capture from automobile flue gas: Materials and technology potentials

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Shubaiteh, Muna
Mousa, Aseel
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In this project, we focus on the capture of CO2 gas using sodium hydroxide. So, our system can be installed on the car exhaust to absorb and store CO2 gas into stable and environmentally friendly product sand then recover and use of the reacted materials for potential use in many industries and applications such as food & drink industry, welding, etc. The process of converting CO2 from its gaseous state to solid one is an effective way to protect the environment and reduce global warming. Also, the process to return it from solid state to gas state can provide us a new source of CO2 with relatively low cost. Our experiments involve two different system, the first is pure compressed CO2 jar connected with reactor that contains NaOH in a stainless steel tube. The second system is compressed air line directly connected to reactor with NaOH container. We studied the effect of different parameters on CO2 capture process such as the CO2 flow rate and time. In pure compressed CO2 jar system we found that when CO2 flow rate increases ,then the reaction extent increases. That means increase the amount of CO2 captured. But when CO2 flow rate exceed 25 L/min the extent of reaction decreases. Likewise, the reaction at time of 1.5h is better than 1h. So, we can say longer time increases the extent of carbonation. In the second system, the compressed air line, we conducted several experiments for different time periods. But, we found the best results occurred after 3h.