Online Order System

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عودة, ريان
محمود, بركات
وليد, حسن
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Online ordering for a web-based application intended for online retailers. The system targets an important segment of the Palestinian commercial sector they are suppliers of food product, and the main goal of this application is to make it interactive and easy to use. It will make searching, viewing, and selecting the product easier. It contains a sophisticated search engine for the user to search for products specific to his needs. The search engine provides an easy and convenient way to search for products where the user can search for a product interactively and the search engine will filter the available products based on the user's input. The user can then view the complete specifications of each product. The system provides a complete filtering process for the system's products through the use of an algorithm that predicts the highest percentage of product purchases based on the products that have been purchased by the merchant. The system mainly works to save the time of sending orders by electronically transferring the order and sending it from the company's warehouse to the customer's warehouse, by sending the order through the representative.