Henna Machine

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Salam Younis
Roaa Qino
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Henna has been used for ages in many parts of the world. It is a traditional art form with deep cultural importance. The Automated Henna Machine is a project that aims to honor the beauty and legacy of henna art while bringing it into the current day through technology innovation. In order to create exact and automated henna patterns on the human hand, the proposed project intends to develop and build a unique hardware henna application machine that makes use of CNC technology and a syringe pump mechanism. Our technology aims to modernize and improve this procedure while maintaining the aesthetic element of henna application, a traditional art form that demands great accuracy and control. The key elements of our CNC machine’s design include Stepper Motors that will serve as the powerhouse behind our CNC machine also We have chosen M8 Bearing Rods for their robustness and ability to provide smooth and stable linear motion with GT2 belts which are known for their exceptional accuracy and reliability in transmitting motion ,by combining these components, we aim to create a CNC machine that excels in precision, stability, and overall performance. Our project employs a specialized mechanism using raspberry pi camera to capture precise hand dimensions, which are then processed by a micro-controller to generate X and Y coordinates. These coordinates are seamlessly transmitted to our CNC system, which uses stepper motors and motion control software to execute the henna drawing process. Additionally, we provide a mobile app that enables consumers to choose or alter henna patterns according to their preferences,and then easily send the design data to our CNC system for usage.