Wedding hall with restaurant

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Razan Omar
Aseel Suliman
Maysa Barham
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With the increase of Burqa population and the need for qualified wedding hall that satisfied the renewed desires for Burqa population . This project will be a wedding  hall and restaurant satisfied the standard requirements. The following results are taken from random sample in Burqa village: 85% of the sample say the hall area is not enough. 70% complain from sound distribution. 95% complain from HVAC system. 65% complain from lighting quality.   The project will be designed in an integrated style, which includes architectural, structural,  electrical, environmental, mechanical and seismic design. the architectural design will include the form orientation of the building and the appropriate areas for each part that depend on the function of the building and environmental requirements . In the structural design, the structure will be designed using computer software with 3-D model output such as: RIVET, AutoCAD and SAP programs.  The mechanical design will take in consideration the HVAC, water and fire. In the electrical design will be artificial and day lighting and power systems. All analysis and design details of the project have been documented in a report with shop drawings which contain all design details.  
    .   .     : 85% . 70 . 95 . 65 .     . . : .SAP.   . .