Redesign of Residential and Commercial building

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Ali Mahamdeh
Amr Samaneh
Anas Suheil
Mohammad Kharouf
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Multi-functional building in general ( commercial and residential)   is an example of the integrated design that use  different functions to achieve the  economic benefits in its own region as well as to exploit the street categories in the right case as mentioned by the local municipality. The owners or tenants of such the building may achieve this benefit design to the people through different means of selling, buying, and transforming the goods among different provinces which in turn yielded the economic situation to the better. However, elements of design play significant role to enhance the occupants to live, rent the commercial stories, and increase the budget of institute which boosts the economic situation in particular. So far, the project was a multi-functional story. In this project, several designs were taken into consideration like architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical and environmental ones.   The project emphasized on most of engineering designs including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and environmental systems. Local and international standards and codes of practice were applied in this project.   In the structural design, the project was analyzed and designed using software programs with consideration of dynamic analysis.  Architectural design focused on shape and easy accessibility between different sections of the building, plans and 3-D models were provided. However, in mechanical and environmental section HVAC system, water, piping and sanitation system were designed. Electrical system did include designing power and lighting units taking into consideration the special sections with heavy loads like the split units provided for the residential spaces in the building.  All analysis and design details of the project were documented in a report with shop drawings which contain all design details and can be implemented in practice.
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