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Project Concept : * Forging the past in the present, preserving rural Palestinian architecture, and resisting its challenges. * Reverse our architecture for the interior and exterior of the village and the city. * Create a project that documents and chronicles this region historically concerning its rural character. - By preserving the original Palestinian identity of the buildings and at the same time meeting the needs of the new life. * Defense and the revival of Palestinian historical identity as a response to the Israeli occupation in its use of architecture as an obvious method of occupation is a valid confirmation of this land. And that is through the use of architectural elements related to the traditional Palestinian architectural identity and controlling voids and blocks in proportion to this identity. Architectural elements: Arches / patio / domes / archways / vents ... Development / design The topographical and visual characteristics of the project area required that the buildings be listed and at heights that fit the two different fabrics, and that the land is located between them, so the buildings started on the main street (Al-Junaid area) with high heights that fit the architectural fabric of the Junaid area and then begin to graduate with lower heights whenever we go down towards the village of Beit weight to fit the fabric The architect has to reach four and three floors . There are no internal streets in the complex there are instead pedestrian lanes that recall those of the Old City. Bridges, stairs, and lanes weave in and out of the buildings, making the number of buildings difficult to count All units contain balconies facing the views of the site towards the north, east and west. The last floor units were directed with balconies and glass fronts overlooking the northern side. The lower floors were directed towards the eastern view or the western view.