Mobile Wi-Max Network In cooperation with Jawwal

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Abed EL-Rahman Sholi
Mohammad Baddad
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Our project was about WiMAX is a standard based on wireless technology that provides high throughput broadband connections over long distance. This technology can be used for a number of applications, including last mile broadband connections, hotspots and high-speed connectivity for business customers.     This project with cooperation with Palestinians Cellular Communication Co (Jawwal).The objective of this project is to propose an approach to design a network on the latest standard of WiMAX namely (IEEE 802.16e) and to use it dimensioning and planning such network in Nablus city. In this project a review of WiMAX technology was given, followed by its standard with focusing on 802.16e standard. A design approach was developed to help network planner in their work, this approach was summarized in a simple flow chart. As a case study, a network based on this technology was designed for Nablus city. The number of subscriber was calculated for each district area and plotted in a clutter map. The Building Penetration Losses for each type of area were modeled using several measurements conducted as a part of this work. The design outcome (number of base station and there distribution) also calculated.