Pick at Locker

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Raghad Nedal Shehdeh
Zaina Rami Zaben
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The delivery personnel usually face difficulties in finding customers’ addresses accurately and correctly, resulting in time-consuming efforts for the deliveryman to find the right destination. Furthermore, recipients may not be available at home and they could not receive their parcel at the delivery time causing inconvenience for recipients and the delivery man. To try to solve those issues, this project aims to implement “Pick at Locker '' where recipients could receive their parcels from public lockers at any time. To manage all the project functionalities and properties; including holding and placing parcels into available lockers, verifying the correct PIN entry to open the locker, and processing payment. The Arduino Mega will be used as the main microcontroller. In addition, this project aims to save both recipients and deliverymen time and reduce costs by optimizing routes, so recipients can collect their parcels from public lockers placed in a specific location by the delivery man. Furthermore, the project has positive environmental aspects by reducing carbon emissions. The delivery personnel scan the barcode on the parcel, extracting the necessary information. Then send an SMS message to the customer, which includes the assigned PIN and locker number. Upon arrival, the customer enters their PIN and proceeds to make the payment for the parcel. If all details are correct and the payment is done, the locker will open, allowing the customer to retrieve their parcel. Afterward, the customer must ensure that the locker is securely closed. After conducting research, it has been found that similar concepts have been implemented in various foreign countries. However, certain enhancements are required. In addition, since this idea has been executed previously, a novel of features and improvements will be incorporated to enhance its functionality.