Preparing BOQ for residential Villa

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Amjad Sewadi
Abdullah Qoqa
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Quantity Estimate ( Survey ) in general, aims to measure and quantify the work in a series of specific quantified work items, in addition, it is one of the most important steps, which used in almost all the stages of the project, starting from the planning and the preparation of design, and also during the preparation of bidding document, bill of quantities, and the construction process, moreover, it is used for the cost estimate for any project. To be more specific, quantity surveying may be done on behalf of the client of the consultant form one side, and in this case, the quantity surveying aims to have an indication about the total cost, to ensure the value for money, and to check the accuracy of payment applications from contractors, on the other hand, quantity surveying may be don on behalf of the contractor to submit payment applications to the client, to check the application of payments of subcontractors, and to deal with any variations that may occur. 1.1 Purpose and Objectives The general purpose of this project is to estimate the quantities for each work item described in the project, and also to get an indicator about the required cost of this project considering the common prices used in the Palestinian market of construction works. The quantity surveying used in the project, represents the process done by the estimator on behalf of the client ( the consultant ) which depends on the gross estimation that uses the gross dimensions as shown in the design drawings and specifications without the addition of waste factors to materials subjected so such loss during the construction. 1.2 General Description The project is a residential building consisting of only one story ( ground floor only ), located at Bani Zaid village in Ramallah and al Birah governorate, the area of the ground floor is 222m2 , and the area of the stair case is 22m2. The project site is divided into two parts, the first part has a level of -0.85m which the building will be located on, and the other part has a level of -1.85m which represents the main street and the private street, also it includes a parking for the cars.