Smart Medicine Cabinet(SMC)

dc.contributor.advisorAshraf Armoush
dc.contributor.advisorHanal Abuzant
dc.contributor.authorSondos Salama
dc.contributor.authorSondos Antari
dc.contributor.authorRua Samara
dc.description.abstractOur project aims to create smart medicine cabinet that helps the senior citizens take theirmedications in the right time and the right dose. Often a senior citizen will keep all theirmedications in the same place, and when its time to take a pill theres a high possibilitythat they will take the wrong one or even mix the dose. This problem is more serious inour society since most of 70-80 citizens are incapable of reading. Even if the seniorcitizen has a caretaker, at one point they would have to leave for an hour or maybe a day,and in this case theres nothing to guarantee that the medication is taken in the right timeor dose. SMC can fix all of the previous problems.The most important aspect of our project is providing a smart cabinet that can know theexact time and dose for each medication in it. The cabinet will have a number ofseparated sections, each one for a different medication. With each section labeleduniquely, the user can set a time and dose for each pill. When the time for a certainmedication has come, SMC will rotate its sections and push the right number of pills outof a small window in the cabinet. Afterward, a light and sound alarm will be enable for10 minutes. If the pills were not taken after that time, SMC will push them back in theirsection then create an untaken pill alarm for the caretaker to see later on.The main objective of the project would be creating useful tool to help keeping theprocess of taken needed medications as safe as possible.In this project, we will have to build a user friendly cabinet. This design will have toinclude many sections with motors to rotate the sections and others to push the rightamount of pills. The window in the cabinet will have sensors to detect if the pill wastaken or not. In addition to that we could either connect SMC with a smartphone app togive the user the tool to set the time and dose for each medication or we could connect itwith LCD and keyboard.en
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dc.titleSmart Medicine Cabinet(SMC)en
dc.titleSmart Medicine Cabinet(SMC)ar
dc.typeGraduation Project
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