Sport Association

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Sewar Bani Odeh
Haneen Qatanani
Aliaa Jamal
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In designing sport association there were many specifications that we were followed in order to make the design integrated architecturally, structurally and environmentally and keep it within the comfort zone. And we were focus in the project on covered Multisport hall to design it completely architectural, structural, environmental, mechanical, and electrical. 1.     Architectural  Design Our project it is a re design architectural student project of 3rd year in architectural department. The selected site of the project  is located in the east side of Nablus city, at Amman Street. On the south side of the site there is "Qadri Tuqan" school, the site is surrounding by four streets, two of them are main streets. Land topography is flat with very small slope; the area is about 6000m2. The level of the stadium will be (+1) from the ground and its full area about 2226.65m with height of  20m. Also, the seating of the stadium may contain 600 spectators and the dimension of each of them (0.45*0.8)m. There are two main parks for cars, one of them in the basement in the east direction of the association which may include approximately 76 cars, another one in the west direction directly to the street in the ground floor which may include approximately 50 cars.   2.     Structural  Design   The design of the multisport hall was steel structure and shear walls with gradient heights, with maximum of 13.5m and minimum of 10.5m, and the others spaces in the association will be concrete design. We have forty four triangle trusses; the design was for 12 trusses because of symmetry, above each of them there is an arch truss with deep of 4m. Design code that we used in the project "the American Concrete Institute ACI code ", the analysis and design were done using 3D model using SAP2000 program, and AutoCad program for all drawings. The material that used for the cover of the sport hall is "Sandwich Panel" because of light weight, fire resistant and it is suitable for projects like sport halls, it is consists of two layers of Aluminum with thickness of each of them 2mm and density of 2800kg/m, and one layer of Polystyrene with thickness of 40mm and density of 56kg/m. The trusses member are HSS, using this type of sections reduce The members were connected by E70xx weld .The total weight of the roof it is about 924 KN.   3.     Environmental  Design   The Ecotect program was use to simulate light, acoustic aspect , heat /cooling load , and shadow due to surrounding building , and the material for floor, wall, ceiling and window was defined in Ecotect program . 4.     Electrical  Design   Electricity is the most important invention in the history of humanity and its application spread in our life to reach everything, from lighting in our rooms to the huge generators in electrical networks. In our project, we designed electrical installation for two-floors which are basement and the sport hall, there are two types of loads, lighting and socket loads, this project will contain plans that explain the socket and lighting loads distribution. Also, we have analyzed the natural lighting for most sections of the building, and we choose the rooms to identify a sample of the solution manual and based on the schedules and specifications of lighting we have to choose the amount of light intensity(( I luminance)) for these rooms.  Dialux program for the design and analysis of industrial lighting.   5.     Mechanical  Design   Mechanical services in the building were completely designed which include air conditioning systems, equipments, water supply , fire system , duct calculation and draining system