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Fuad Amira
Reem Salous
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Nowadays, mobile phones are becoming widely spread and they provide a wide range of features and capabilities, these capabilities can be used to implement several tools to help with solving existing problems. In our project we designed an Android mobile application that uses the sophisticated services provided by mobile phones to solve one major problem that faces visually impaired users. Our application aims to facilitate the mobility of visually impaired users and to make it possible for them to travel independently through their trips. With the help of GPS (Global Positioning System), we could store the coordinates of the path that is used frequently by a visually impaired user, and then these coordinates can be used to generate a simple navigation system that helps the user throughout his trip. Different sensors were used to make it possible for making a sufficient communication between the user and the mobile phone. For example, we used the internal compass of the phone and the vibration property to indicate the correct direction of the trip; we also used gravity sensors to provide the user with a way through which he can ask for help from the application. In order to save the effort of recording a trip, the application automatically updates the recorded trips by different users and makes it available for all users to download and reuse. To provide the family or relatives of the visually impaired user with a tool to monitor and coordinate, we designed a website that shows the current location of the user and displays it on the website's map. The maps we used throughout our application are provided by Google map services.