Refrigerator Control App

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Deeb, Ameena
Abu Mazen, ikram
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Refrigerator Control is a mobile application, designed specifically to deal with a software related to the smart family refrigerators. These refrigerators are designed in a particular way with cameras inside them such that these cameras are located in a specific location and with a specific angle to allow them to take images of all content of the refrigerator. Each camera takes a photo every time the door of the refrigerator is closed, then these images will be sent by the refrigerator's processor to specific PC to deal with. Using OpenCV_c application analyzes the images and processes them to get a list of food and the amount of each type. The main purpose of the app is to allow users to view what are the kinds of food they have in their refrigerator and the amount of each type.Also, the app will provide users of healthy information about the food they have and it will suggest meals that can be prepared according to the food available in the refrigerator. Also, each user can apply different setting for notification such that the application can notify the user when the quantity of particular type reaches a limit. Moreover, the application will allow the users to do shopping online to get what they need. So Refrigerator Control app will make it easier for users to get information about the content of their refrigerator at any time from any place.