Control criteria for efficiency improvement of dual PV pumping systems

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Alsheakh, Khalid
Hamdan, Ahmad
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This project describes how water can be pumped from medium depths Using solar pumps, choosing the appropriate pump based to several Special factors like solar radiation, required flow, and the total head. Moreover, how to choose the required PV rated capacity. The ability of the pumps to pump water varies according to the strength of the incoming solar radiation, which is effected by time and place, and since the water will be used for irrigation, we need it much more in summer than in winter, that is, when solar energy is at its peak. The case study includes the evaluation of choosing two small parallel pumps instead of using one large pump in order to increase the efficiency and extend the pumping period, as sometimes only one pump works and at noon the two pumps work together, and the control unit will regulate the work of the pumps according to solar radiation. The comparison was made between the two scenarios. The first with two small pumps with power of 3 kW and 4 kW both supplied by a PV array of 8.7 kW . The second with only one pump of 13 kW supplied by a PV array of 17 kW. The simulation results which carried by PVsyst software show that the effectiveness of the first scenario when operates based on proposed control strategy.