Preparing the Faculty of Graduate Studies at ANNU For ISO Accreditation based on IWA2 guidelines

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Hadeel Ghannam
Mais Ismail
Nagham Jadallah
Raana Donbuk
Rand Wazani
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   The aim of this project is to prepare the faculty of graduate studies at An-Najah National University for ISO 9001:2015 accreditation based on IWA2 guidelines, the faculty of graduate studies previous readiness level for the certification was estimated 24%, but currently it became 61% after the implementation of the project.    SOPs were developed for all the procedures implemented within the faculty; the SOPs were connected with their related forms. Job descriptions were also developed for the employees. Moreover, the faculty profile was defined. Also SWOT analysis was developed for the faculty. In addition to that, the faculty external & internal issues besides the interested parties were determined. Furthermore, the risks that threats the faculty were assigned and action plans were suggested for them.
9001:2015 IWA2, 61% 24%. SOP's , , , . .  .