Structural Analysis And Re-Design Of Modern English School

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Diab Samaneh
Adnan Ashqar
Saed Almaani
Raed Qadri
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The modern English school is located at al-Ma'ajeen neighborhood of Nablus city, which looking forward to introduce a creative generation mixed with Sublime goals. This project, which was constructed recently, and we redesigned it, lies on a hill so there are two levels also with roads around its perimeter, the entrance and exit of the school was in south-north direction respectively. The school consists of two basements and one ground floor, with a total area equals to 5083.94 m2, it consists of three blocks each block can be designed separately, there is an expansion joints between them, to prevent making cracks in addition to decrease deflection, working as a single unit. Structural models were analyzed and designed using computer software (ETABS program), and the results were checked by hand calculations, also we used AutoCAD program to draw the details of steel reinforcement in many sections in the structural members. In the previous project we completed the design of beams and slabs and in this project we completed the design of columns, footings, retaining walls, shear walls and designed the structure for the seismic loads.