Pet Mate

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Rawan Hassoun
Sana’ Zetawi
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Technology has greatly improved in human life to be an important aspect of all the small details. As a result, it interferes with the medical, educational, and other aspects of our life. It affects pet care, handling, and treatment as well. As a result, this project aims to work directly with pet owners to assist them in dealing with animals and to organize a healthy, practical daily life for them with the help of specialized veterinary doctors and pet supply shops. Therefore, this application will be a perfect mate for pet owners. There are three types of users for the mobile application: pet owners, veterinarians, and pet supply store owners, Pet owners can utilize several features in the application to benefit their pets, including: Scheduling vaccinations for animals, connecting them with responsible vet for the pit, searching for veterinarians, shops or products that they need, showing the closest shops and vets to the user's location on a map, There are two forms, one to register the pets with the veterinarian and another to schedule an appointment with the veterinarian to make a quick medical examination in the emergency cases, make recommendations about the most popular products and offer advice about animal care. The veterinarian has a list of all the pets he is responsible for, the ability to contact the pet owners and a calendar to remind him to perform a medical examination on each pet. Finally, the owners of the shops showcase their products and connect with pet owners. In support of the project, a web page was created for the admin to accept requests from shop owners and vets to create accounts in the mobile application. We designed the mobile app using Flutter framework with a dart language for front-end. We designed the website using OOP PHP and bootstrap for front-end. For the back-end we used mango database.