Smart Parking System (EPARK)

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Saadeh, Dyala
Assi, Aseel
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One of the most common problems the world faces these days is traffic congestion, caused by the dramatic increase in car numbers. Finding a safe car park has become difficult, taking a lot of time and fuel, and delaying our work and appointments. It may also force the driver to park in illegal or unsafe places, which results in traffic violations and harm to the car. EPark It is a smart garage system that provides safe and secure parking for cars. It contains a fully automatic barrier with an RFID reader system, which will be open only for the registered user via an RFID card. You don't have to worry about your car; no one is a stranger inside. It has 2 floors with 6 parking lots with a screen at the entrance to show the garage status on each floor. EPark is designed for different bikes and cars, also it has a specific slots for disabilities in the first floor to facilitate their movement This parking is an IOT system, which is supported with a mobile application that helps its client to keep tracking of parking status and make parking reservations available whenever you are easily. Also, there is an admin website for adding clients to the system and collecting their information. The payment process will be smart and automatic using unique RFID cards with a rechargeable balance for each user. According to the time of stay inside the parking (calculated from entering and leaving time). This project was completed by the department, but not identically. We collected the ideas of different projects and combined them into one project, such as the idea of opening the door and payment by the RFID, and we added extra features like multi-floors and mobile application