Smart Equalizer

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Ibrahim Abdulhaq
Ibrahim Yasin
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AbstractIt is very useful to utilize the available sources of hot and cold water to get a new source with a specific temperature especially In the Scientific labs, Industrial fields and daily usage of water at home. So we decided to design and build a system that provides this feature.Simply, Our Project is a smart faucet that provides water with a pre-specified temperature. This smart faucet mixes water from the available hot and cold water sources with specific ratios to provide a new water source with the desired temperature.We built our own water flow control unit. And we used special sensors for measuring the water flow and DS18B20 thermometers to measure the temperature of the water. Finally we used the PIC18F4620 from Microchip as the microcontroller of the system.We built three different controllers for the water temperature equilibrium process. The first one is an Ad-hoc controller with water flow measurement. The Second one is a PID controller. The last one is a controller for pumps model. We got the best results from the PID controller.