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Darwish, Hamza
Abushamma, Omar
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The company was established in 2012 and is a specialized company working in the field of installation, operation and maintenance of solar energy systems as well as in the field of protection systems and control and given the importance of electronic sites in the process of marketing and communication with customers, it is here highlights the importance and need of the company's Web site through which to identify the company and its activities and marketing products. Analysis of the company's reality: After conducting an analysis of the marketing reality in this company through the work of (SWOT) it was found that there is an urgent need for this site and it has been shown that there are many strengths in this project and the weaknesses may be nonexistent and all the opportunities will be many and there is no risk in this project . Objectives : 1- Facilitating the communication and marketing of products electronically. 2. Easy access to the information of this company and its products. 3 - Reduce the time and effort in communication and communication with the company. 4 - easy to inquire about products. 5 - Maximizing the market share of the company and increasing the prevalence of this company. Measures : A website will be created for this company using Word Press, where the company has also booked its own domain, Powertech.ps.