Regional Planning of Tulkarm Governorate

This study aimed at anayiztion the situation in the Tulkarm on the level of urban, social and economic ... etc , In order to prepare a planning and planning policy in the governorate to promote it and contribute to the preparation of a comprehensive regional plan . In particular in order to identify the most important possibilities and resources that can be invested and strengthened, and also to identify problems in the governorate. To achieve the objectives of the study, the student followed the descriptive method of analysis, based on the research and studies of the governorate and regional planning, through a proper planning methodology based on diagnosis and analysis of the status to reach the appropriate directions and development possibilities. The most important results were: 1. The possibility of investing in the agricultural sector, which is a high proportion of the economic sector in the governorate because of the existence of fertile agricultural land . 2. The possibility of enhancing the level of services in the governorate and promoting them in order to reach the principle of decentralization. 3. Possibility of investment in the industrial sector due to the existence of craft places that need to be reorganized and developed.