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Since my childhood I have been fond of the process of making something out of another, whether it was by taking abstract elements such as two wires, a battery and a lamp and turning them into an electric circuit used in lighting, or using leftovers that might seem like mere scrap that is suitable for nothing but disposal, and Turning it into a toy, a painting, or something that only makes sense in my imagination, but the most curious thing was when I got to know nature and what it is, that with a little time and attention you can contribute to the miracle of life, all you have to do is bring a few seeds that do not seem to Its shape is more than an addition or a main ingredient to a particular soup and then put it in a few scraps of cotton I was going to throw it anyway, and the end is to give it water and be patient, and you get my whole life system I didn't realise at the time what intricate details were going on inside this order to fully comprehend its greatness. I quickly grew up and learned about new things in the kingdom of nature, from elements that live on land to entire biological systems that live under water, and every time I learned about new information, it never satisfied my curiosity, but was the main factor in making me want more, so that information all I did was give more There are many questions and more ideas to study, and this was always the case until I began to notice the similarities between what is in nature and what man is trying to make, unfortunately before that I used to see nature as a wonderful thing, but the product of man as a miracle, creativity and production The abstract is beyond description in our lives, whether it is production in the form of great buildings that have stood for thousands of years, or electronic applications that make your life easier for you, or just simple tools that you use in your daily life to live around, but all of that changed when I began to see the most painful similarity to what a person is trying to reach. And while it was not the product of millions of meticulous and studied operations, that great building whose architecture he was fascinated with was nothing but a huge body whose owner wanted people to see and be amazed as they see the mountains, and that high tower is nothing but the opposite of the desire to reach the sky to which the trees lookup. Every day, I soon found myself in the hands of a principle called mimicry of nature, which is the process of reversing what has been tried over millions of years and ensuring its effectiveness with what we want to obtain for a few years or more, to have a faster and quieter train we can adjust its beak to become Like the beak of the king hunter bird, which does not cause any displacement in the sea when landing on its prey, but all of that cannot be obtained without first returning to nature and understanding what it is, how it was formed and the reasons that made it last all these years without demise, and these answers cannot be obtained without Getting to the basis of the composition of this kingdom and appreciating its greatness in every right, and one of the ways in which this is done is in the biological bodies (Biospheres), which are structures that contain vital systems under ideal conditions that enable experts within them to understand nature to the fullest, and even conditions can be set It is ideal for improving certain consumer products that may help us obtain better food for the two days without the need to convert large natural areas into agricultural areas, and this project comes with special importance here in Palestine, as the most important characteristic of this land is the diversity of the vital climates it contains, its food basket. This diversity is diverse in different regions and is wonderfully comprehensive, but the misuse of this diversity is a great loss for us and the kingdom of nature alike, so I see, especially under global warming conditions, the need to return to nature to give us the answers that will be the key in our continuity on this planet.