Evaluation and Redesign of Rojeeb Street

dc.contributor.advisorKhaled Al-Sahili
dc.contributor.authorMohammed Sabri Jarrar
dc.contributor.authorAyman Ziyad kmail
dc.contributor.authorMohammed Waleed Ibraheem
dc.description.abstractNablus City is one of the important cities in Palestine. It has a significant location that connects it with other cities in Palestine like Jenin, Tulkarm, Ramallah and Jerusalem. Therefore, the importance of its location will affect the economical, educational, and residential aspects. With no doubt, the road transport is considered the main mode of transportation between Nablus and the surrounding cities. One of the important roads in Nablus city that has a vital role in the daily life of the residents is Rojeeb Street that connects between Nablus City and Rojeeb Village as well as several other villages in the area, which is located in the south of Nablus city. In this project we choose to study this street for several reasons, one of them is that it is considered an important linkage between Ramallah and Nablus cities, and our outlook for this street is to become a main road connecting between Ramallah and Jenin cities. Nablus Municipality decides to transfer the eastern public transportation complex to near Rojeeb Village intersection, which is located in the east of Nablus so the traffic volume will increase causing congestion. At the first time we decided to do many things in geometric and traffic operations, we decided to increase the width of the street, to redesign the pavement structures, to design the median, ditches, retaining walls, increase the lane numbers, design shoulders, etc.  For the traffic side. We used the proper traffic control devices such as traffic signs, traffic signals and markings, and redesigning the intersections. After that we increased the street width from (10 to 20) m, the pavement was designed into three layers, asphalt, base coarse and sub-base with required thickness. We designed a depressed median with four lanes highway. Shoulders are improved, ditches with appropriate standard to facilitate the drainage and retaining walls are also designed. Furthermore, we designed the traffic signs at the appropriate sites, also the markings were applieden
dc.titleEvaluation and Redesign of Rojeeb Streeten
dc.typeGraduation Project
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