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Farouq Mousa
Abdullah Jaradat
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This work covers the development of an entertainment game for the Android platform using Cocos2d-x framework, including all fundamentals that are necessary to do this. Farm Moles Game is 2D entertainment game. Simply, the one who is playing the game will try to save the farm carrots from being damaged by the harmful moles by clicking on those moles by touching them. Three lives are given for each level, such that if the player missed a mole, he will lose one of his lives. As the player goes on the next levels of the game, he will face challenges; less time, more moles, wild bomb explosions and others. In this game, we have implemented two different skins, first one is the Moles skin which we called Farm Moles, and the other is the Flying Saucers skin which we called Space Invaders. The prime objective of our project is to create a full-fledged Android game which enables the user to have some entertainment, and to take benefit of using advertisements while playing this game. The player will be able to share his game scores with his friends among the social media networks to stay in challenge with his friends. This report will cover the methods used in our game implementation, and our experiences using Cocos2d-x framework with Android platform. It is expected that In conclusion, mobile games using this Android platform will only get better and better, as the community develop better utilities such as OpenGL ES game engines. Overall we are pleased with the end result, given the limited resources for the project.