Redesign Of Faroun Secondary School For Girls

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Hatem G. Hodiri
Majid S. Ghafri
Saeed A. Odeh
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Starting from knowing how much the education process is important for the next generation, and for the society, and in order to receive the appropriate education for students,  and provide them with appropriate academic climate, this project will be about  school.                                                                                                                                                                 We chose this school to redesign it for many reasons, first, its the only secondary school in the village, second, after studying the system of the school we found that there are some points that are missing or had done in a wrong way, final to challenges our selves because of the curvy shape of the architectural design for the school, and we tried as much as possible to be close from make our project green as possible. The steps for redesign our school were as following: 1-      Studying all the plans to find the faults and try to fix them. 2-      Using AutoCAD program we put our notes and our changes and redesigns on the plans and preparing them for printing. 3-      Using SAP 2000 program to design the slabs, columns, footings and the beams. 4-      Using Ecotect program to analyze the building of the school to study the environmental effects on it for example, we erected some windows from the North to fix an environmental issue we faced and making a small gathering area taking care about the acoustical and daylight issues. 5-      Using Dialux program to design and to know the right effects and the places of the artificial light on the eyes of the students. 6-      Using AutoCAD program to show the places of each element like the place of the windows, doors, lighting units, steel parts, desks and table, electrical and mechanical pipes.. etc 7-      Using Excel program for quantity survey. 8-      Using Word Document to write the final report of the project. 9-      Using Power point program to make a presentation for the discussion day. And after all of that we reached to the final base of our project.  
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