Structural Analysis and Design for Pal-Tel Garage

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Emran Hanai
Ahmad Rashad
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This project is analysis and design for garage concrete structure. This garage is for Pal-Tal Company, its 3 stories, each story with area about 1460, and its capacity about 135 cars.   The purpose of this project is to design all structural components to provide: 1-     Safety. 2-     Valuable. 3-     Best cost. To ensure the stability of that construction, the design should provide a safe way to transfer loads through all structural components. The transfer of loads (cars, people and building self weight) will be through slabs, the slabs connect to the beams, the beams transfer through columns, the columns will transfer loads to the ground through the footings. The parking garage is made from reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete has been chosen because that mixture provides best properties, concrete offer a high level of resistance to strong winds and high temperature, more over protects the steel.