Assessment of Water Consumption for Different Sectors In Salfit Governorate

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Dana I. Alzeer
Thana'a R. Bouzia-
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Water is an essential element to the continuation of life and the development of all the areas of life such as economic, social, industrial, commercial, service and others.Water and water sources are considered a general problem around the world, especially in Palestine due to the presence of the Israeli occupation and the control over natural resources, including the water resources. To solve water related problems we need to study these problems and examine all the surrounding conditions.We chose our project, titled (Assessment of Water Consumption for Different Sectors in Salfit Governorate) to study and assess the water situation in Salfit Governorate. So we need to know all the details and conditions related to the situation of water. We selected Salfit City and two villages from the Governorate which are called Bedia and Kifil Hares .We have collected data of water consumption for different sectors to asses' water situation for theses population accurately.We have classified the data collected according to different sectors such as industrial, commercial, household, medical and service.We have linked between the rate of consumption and multiple factors such as the number of family members, the number of school students, area of facility and the number of floors to see the difference in consumption for example between school students and students ofKindergartens, also between male schools and schools of females. As well as to see if there is a relationship between the amount of consumption and the building area or amount of consumption and the number of floor.All of these process contributed to the achievement of the basic objectives of the project of knowing the size of the water demand in the governorate to different
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