Museum Of Science

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Saleh, Esra
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• This project aims to create an interactive , learning environment that allows students to learn through interactive things, away from Inertia education in schools and universities. So it aims to create an atmosphere in which all senses are used to receive information and interact with it. • The museum consists of 5 exhibition halls: the main hall containing the huge exhibits and the temporary viewing area, the Hall of Anthropology, the Hall of Nature and Science, Technology Hall, and Space Hall. • The design concept is based on the sculpting the building using curved lines that give a sense of movement and vitality and thus reflect the flexibility in the movement which is one of the most important elements that must be available in museums. These lines overlap with the earth and give a sense of continuity symbolizing the continuity of science and science goes to infinity. • These lines were represented in the building through glass slides that allows nature light to enter the building and guide visitors through their tour between the exhibitions.