Reducing Ambulances Arrival Time to Patients

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Eshtayah, Mohammed
Baghdadi, Ameer
Morar, Jalal
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Minimizing access time for patients in the case of accidents and/or cure needs is a very important issue related to saving lives. It is very important for ambulances to reach places of accidents and/or medical requests in a minimized time. Several solutions were proposed to handle this issue. With the prevalence of GPS system, it is possible to develop mobile applications to direct ambulance drivers to reach patients' places in a minimized period of time. However, it is possible to minimize this time more and more when people with emergency cases are able to drive to a point where they can reach ambulances moving ahead towards them. In this work, we developed a mobile-based application that enables patients to request ambulances after searching for the nearest ones depending on the patients GPS locations. Upon a request, the application, and depending on the GPS location of the patient and the nearest ambulance, draws the shortest route for both (on their handheld devices) after the ambulance crew receives the request. The application keeps updating the route while both are moving with their vehicles until they both reach a contact point. The application enables contacting involved hospitals and/or health care centers for curing purposes. A website is also developed for managerial purposes by all application stakeholders. Experimental tests were conducted and promising results were achieved in terms of minimizing patients' access times.