Holy Quran Application

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Alaa Abu Odeh
Israa Hinnawi
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Our project is an application in iOS technology. This application is an electronic (simulation) of the Holy Quran , and built  to facilitate the reading of the Quran and/or to listening it .   Quran application has many features , first of all it stores the place reached by the user and the exact date of storage that we can  return to it through list of bookmarks , secondly  about the search we have two ways for searching (search a word  that give us the exact place where this word is mentioned or objective research which handles searches by specific topic ) and these two ways return list of the verse location for the result of this search that we can move to any verse directly , this application is build for listen and read so we will make an option (you want to read or just listen to the famous reader) , the application contains parts of Qur`an that gives us the number of parts and the name of sorahs that contains . Finally ,our project contain the Interpretation of the verses of the Qur`an.     Sure, there are some Qura`n applications in iOS technology in mobiles, but these applications are not good enough because no one of them contains all the desired features that most of users need it. Our application will contain all of these features together.